State of the Mountain address April 2021

Hello Mountaineers,

Many of you have preordered an Everest keyboard in the past couple of months and you’re overdue for an update. We have shipped many units and are continuing to send orders that we are getting from the factory by air, here is a general update for open backorders, stock levels and future shipment dates.

Everest preorders: Most preorders have been fulfilled, many are being fulfilled right now and we’ll have the backlog cleared by the end of May.

Everest models now in stock and available for dispatch: 


Models available at end of May: 



Makalu 67 Black + White: In stock and available for immediate dispatch


Glacier M + XL: In stock and available for immediate dispatch


Accessories (keycaps, switches, cables): Most items are in stock, shortages of Cherry MX switches



We have limited preorders for Everest SKUs for which we have no reasonably safe production timeframe. It was too ambitious to offer a total of 2 colorways, 3 models, 5 switch types and 8 layouts. The giant volume of configurations made for incredibly difficult production runs, which is why we decided to streamline the portfolio for the time being.


We have increased our manufacturing capacity and secured the necessary components to kick volume production into the next gear this quarter, enabling us to keep Everest in stock and readily available.


To further limit the impact of global supply chains and logistic, we’ll continue hauling keyboards from Asia to our warehouse in The Netherlands by air freight, which since November alone was an expense in the 6-digit dollar range.


In addition, we’re growing our team in various areas, including customer service staff. We are aware that lead times with support inquiries are currently too long and we want to make sure you’re getting the service you deserve much quicker moving forward.


We fully understand the frustration some of you feel with delayed orders and postponed shipping dates and do everything in our power to ensure Everest keyboards are being delivered as soon as possible. For those still waiting, we humbly ask for your understanding for a few more weeks until the changes and improvements we kicked off take shape and materialize.


Thanks for your patience and sticking with us through this challenge.


Your friends at Mountain <3