A European take on US-ANSI
A quick way to access European characters while using a US-ANSI keyboard.
Custom Surface Calibration with Base Camp
A custom calibration may yield even better tracking performance for your individual mouse pad’s surface. Learn how to do so with Base Camp.
Controlling OBS Studio with Base Camp
Gaming and streaming, or recording, go hand in hand. OBS Studio is the premiere solution for casual and professional gamers alike, and thanks to OBS Studio integration into Base Camp™, it just got easier for Everest users!
The beauty of choice: Mechanical key switches
With hundreds of different switch flavors, making it easy to get lost in the shuffle when answering the most basic of all questions. Find out what switch works best for you.
Affordable Switch & Keycap Tuning
Are there faster and alternative ways? Yes! In this little guide we introduce you to two additional methods of tuning: using O-rings and switch films.
Keycaps: beyond the plastic
There’s more to a good keycap than what meets the eye. In this deepdive we will tell you all about them.
Switch Lubing Guide
Reduce the scratch and spring ping of your switches. Interested to see how it can be done in 1,2,3? We made an easy to use guide.
Mountain X Space Cables
You’ve got the sweetest gaming gear one can muster. Prime mechanical keyboard, lightweight mouse, a sweet deskpad… and even the Ikea plant. But it’s not quite perfect just yet, the sundae is still missing the cherry on top?
Base Camp meets RAZER Chroma
RGB enthusiasts rejoice! Starting with version 1.0.33 of Base Camp™, you can sync your MOUNTAIN gear’s lighting with thousands of Chroma™-enabled devices, applications and games!