Reaching the auditory Summit: Why Everest 60 is a pleasure for your ears.

User-centric design is at the heart of every MOUNTAIN product. The main appeal of mechanical keyboards does not solely lie in their superior tactile feedback but also in the sound. Getting the sound profile just right isn’t as easy as you might think, which is why we’ve spent countless hours balancing the sound profile of Everest 60 with multiple layers of sound proofing.

Foam is a great way to filter out unwanted and harsh noises. On Everest 60, we’ve deployed not one but two layers of foam.

The first layer sits between the top plate and the printed circuit board (PCB) on which the switches sit. This “around-switch layer” of foam filters out noises such as metallic noises generated by the springs of the switches and quietens their actuations.

The second layer of foam sits directly underneath the PCB, isolating it from the rest of the body. This further quietens the overall sound and causes less reverb in the bottom case.

Because the open space of Everest 60’s body can act as a resonance chamber, we filled the remaining voids in the bottom case with dense silicone. This does not only do away with any reverberation, but also acts as an additional layer of sound dampening, adds heft to the overall structure, and quietens a different set of frequencies.

This sophisticated approach of sound proofing Everest 60 goes hand in hand with the critically acclaimed Cherry stabilizers. These come clipped and lubricated right from the factory to enable a superior and rattle-free gaming and typing experience. In addition, we have added small pads of foam underneath the stabilizers to further reduce the chance of vibrations and noise when things get a little intense.

To top off the Everest 60, we also introduce the new MOUNTAIN Switches, launching alongside and shipping with every unit of Everest 60, which are vital to the overall sound experience as well. Their springs have been lubricated to render actuations quieter and effectively eliminate the dreaded “spring ping” sound. The stem, the part that’s being pushed down in a switch, has also been lubricated to reduce friction and noise, making MOUNTAIN Switches silky and smooth.

All these layers of engineering combined elevate Everest 60 to new heights in the sound department, enabling sheer sensory pleasure for gamers, content creators, and typists alike.