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MOUNTAIN takes mechanical switches to new heights with factory-applied lubrication. Effectively reducing friction and noise, MOUNTAIN switches go above and beyond in achieving both auditory and tactile excellence. Available in tactile and linear variants, they offer different flavors and are a perfect fit for every gamer, content creator or creative professional. Fast and precise actuations ensure that you’ll always be on top of your game. Rated for 100 Mil actuations, these switches will serve you for years to come.


Explore what set MOUNTAIN switches apart


MOUNTAIN switches come factory-lubed to end nasty scratch or ping sounds. This is candy for your ears and fingers. Once you’ve experienced it, there is no going back. 

MOUNTAIN doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all. Instead, MOUNTAIN switches come in different flavors to cater to your deepest desire.


Featuring a blue tactile stem, it has a small bump that will trigger a tactile feedback around the actuation point of the switch. If you fancy feedback that you can’t just hear but feel, this is for you. It comes with a 55g weighted spring.



Easily distinguishable with a yellow linear stem, which makes for direct, smooth and uninterrupted key travel from top to bottom. The purest mechanical switch experience there is. Its spring weight is 45g.



A different breed of linear. It’s beige stem comes with shorter pre-travel and total travel distances, making it the premier solution for lighting-quick actuations. 45g is its spring weight rating.



Using an industry standard connector, MOUNTAIN switches are compatible with all keyboards that support Cherry MX style switches, including both 3-pin and 5-pin designs.


MOUNTAIN switches cater to your RGB cravings with their translucent housings, making sure you get to exploit the RGB capabilities of your keyboard as only you can.



Find your style with MOUNTAIN keycap sets. Made of ultra-durable PBT and with translucent double-shot legends, these keycaps will never fade or wear off. Available in ten different colorways, inspired by the world’s most beautiful minerals.


MOUNTAIN resin keycaps are the perfect final touch for your keyboard customization. Made of wood and resin, every keycap is handmade and unique. Available in blue, red, and white.


Changing switches or keycaps is a chore without the right tools. This combo-tool has a clamp side to pull switches with ease and a wire side that makes quick work of removing keycaps.