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Plateau sets a new bar for keyboard ergonomics with memory foam padding enclosed in a cooling gel layer and a soft breathable fabric surface.

Long hours on your desk can result in strained ligaments, increased muscle tension and general fatigue. Plateau helps to increase your comfort, remedy pressure points and keep your concentration at peak performance.

Available in two sizes, Plateau is compatible with most 60-100% keyboards and even notebooks.


Explore What Sets Plateau Apart

Cooling Gel Layer

Surrounding the memory foam padding is a layer of cooling gel, joining forces with the breathable surface fabric to keep you cool even when things get heated.

Soft Fabric Surface

Made of breathable and skin-friendly lycra fabric, this gentle piece of cloth is a pleasure for you to rest your palms on.

Memory Foam Padding

Effectively helping your palms to meet your keyboard at just the right angle, the memory foam eliminates pressure points and greatly reduces strain on your wrists.

Anti-Slip Rubber Base

The sturdy base with natural rubber ensures your Plateau palm rest stays right where you need it.

Stitched Edges

Doing away with cheap glue, the stitched edges not only make for a classy look, but also ensure utmost durability.

Wide Compatibility

Plateau is compatible with a wide array of keyboards and even laptops. Size S works great for 60-75% keyboard and some laptops, whereas Size L is perfect for full size keyboards.


Dimensions (Plateau S) 325x90x25mm
Weight (Plateau S) 266g
Materials Lycra fabric, cooling gel, memory foam, natural rubber
Color Black
Best with keyboard size (Plateau S) 60-75%
Warranty 2 years
Dimensions (Plateau L) 450x90x25mm
Weight (Plateau L) 343g
Materials Lycra fabric, cooling gel, memory foam, natural rubber
Color Black
Best with keyboard size (Plateau L) 100%
Warranty 2 years




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