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General FAQ

Which operating systems are supported for use with Base Camp™?

At this point in time, Base Camp™ is tested and evaluated using Microsoft Windows 10.

I need help with my Mountain product! Where can I get support?

We’ll gladly help you sort that out! Please drop us an email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

What is the difference between Core, Core Barebone and Max?

The Core model is the bare base model, without any additional addons or accessories. Core Barebone is identical to Core but comes without switches and keycaps. The Max variant of a product will contain a bundle with addons specifically designed for your Mountain product.

Everest FAQ

Where can I find the Quick Start Guide?

You can download it by clicking here.

Where can I get replacement or additional parts?

Replacement parts or additional accessories for your Mountain products can be obtained directly from our shop or through our resellers.

Do I need drivers for my Mountain keyboard?

No, the keyboard itself is plug & play and can be used without installing any additional drivers or software.  However, in order to unleash your keyboard’s full potential, we recommend installing our Base Camp™ software.

Which switch is the best?

This question is impossible to answer, as it depends entirely on your personal preference.

Most switches fall into either of these three categories:
Linear (Cherry MX Red, Kailh Box Red, etc.), Tactile (Cherry MX Brown, Kailh Box Brown, etc.) and Clicky (Cherry MX Blue, Kailh Box White, etc.).

Linear switches provide a smooth uninterrupted travel.
Tactile switches have a tactile bump during travel, indicating the actuation point.
Clicky is not entirely unlike tactile, however, they feature an additional audio feedback, usually in form of a clickbar, to make you both hear and feel the actuation of the switch.  

Can I use any switch with my Everest Keyboard?

You can use any 2-pin plate mounted mechanical switch from Cherry, Kailh, Gateron, etc. Our webstore carries a carefully selected collection of switches fully compatible to Everest.

I installed switches but keypresses are not recognized. What gives?

Please remove the non-working switches and check their legs, they may have bent during the install process and are thus not making contact. Straighten the pins with a pin or tweezers and reinstall them.

I bent the pins of a mechanical switch during install. Is it salvageable?

Most likely, yes. You can use a pin or tweezers to gently straighten the pin before you install it again.

Can I remove or replace switches while the keyboard is powered on/connected?

Yes, absolutely! We recommend doing so, as you’ll immediately be able to tell if the switch is working correctly.

Can I use the Media Dock or Numpad individually using their USB connectors?

No, they both require to be connected to an Everest Keyboard in order to work.

Can I use two Numpads or two Media Docks on one Everest at the same time?

No, that is not possible. While you can connect one Media Dock and one Numpad at the same time, you can’t use two of either at once.

What kind of keycaps does Everest come with?

All Everest keyboards ship with ABS double-shot keycaps as standard, a PBT variant is available for the US-ANSI layout.

Can I lube Everest’s stabilizers?

You sure can, but you probably won’t need to, as they come pre-lubed from the factory.

What kind of stabilizers are installed on Everest?

Everest comes with plate-mounted Cherry stabilizers.

Which layouts are available for Everest?

Everest comes in a variety of layout options:


What hotkeys are available via the FN key?

FN + 1/2/3/4/5: Switch to profile 1/2/3/4/5 (Default: 1)

FN + left arrow: Cycle RGB mode up
FN + right arrow: Cycle RGB mode down
FN + up arrow: Disable or cycle through 3 level of brightness (Off/1/2/3)

Media Control:
FN + Page Up: Volume+
FN + Page Down: Volume-
FN + End: Next track
FN + Del: Previous track
FN + Insert: Play/Pause
FN + Home: Mute

FN + R (hold 5 seconds): Reset all settings to factory default
FN + Pause: Game mode (lock Windows keys)

Makalu 67 FAQ

Where can I find the Quick Start Guide?

You can download it by clicking here.

How many buttons does Makalu 67 have?

Makalu 67 has a total of 5 buttons: Left and right mouse button, a clickable wheel, and buttons 4 and 5 on the left side.

What does the 67 in Makalu 67 mean?

The 67 in Makalu 67’s name represents its weight in grams.

Does Makalu 67’s mouse wheel scroll horizontally?

No, it supports only vertical scrolling.

What kind of switches does Makalu 67 use?

Makalu 67 is built with Omron 50M switches.

What are the dimensions of Makalu 67?

Makalu 67 measures 127×70.2×42.2mm (LxWxH)

What are best practices to clean Makalu 67?

Compressed air does wonders! While Makalu 67 has a water-repellent coating on its PCB, it’s still a good idea to discharge air for a second or two before going to work on your mouse in order to get possible moisture out of the hose. We also recommend rubbing alcohol wipes for surface cleaning.

How can I replace Makalu 67’s feet?

It’s easier than you might think! Use a hair dryer on a low setting to warm up the installed feet, causing the adhesive to loosen up. Then pry the feet off with a plastic spudger or similar. Clean the remaining adhesive with an alcoholic solution such as isopropyl (“rubbing alcohol”). Once dried, Makalu 67 is ready for new feet!

How can I open Makalu 67?

Simply use the instructions listed above under how to replace the feet in order to remove them and unscrew the screws under either feet. There are four screws in total

Can I remap Makalu 67’s buttons?

Absolutely, using Base Camp you can remap your buttons with see, click here for more details.

Is there a software to manage Makalu 67?

Of course! Makalu 67 is supported by our Base Camp™ software.

Shop FAQ

Do all keycaps or switches available on fit Everest?

Yes, unless it’s clearly noted otherwise.

Can I return any items I purchased on

Yes! For more details please review our Refund Policy.

I need help with my Mountain product! Where can I get support?
We’ll gladly help you sort that out! Please drop us an email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.