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If you already have a set of your favorite switches and keycaps, look no further than Everest Core Barebone. It comes without switches and keycaps, so you won’t have to pay for components you don’t need.

The Essence Of Everest

Everest is a revolution in choice and built on MOUNTAIN’s user-centric design philosophy:

Innovation, Performance, Aesthetics and Modularity.
Featuring patent-pending designs, Everest was created from the ground up to enable peak performance.


Explore what sets Everest Core Barebone apart

RGB All The Things

Set your desk ablaze with the widest array of RGB features we can muster. 16.7 million colors and numerous RGB modes are at your disposal. With individual RGB lighting for every individual key and a slick RGB strip around Everest’s entire body, the choice is yours. For additional synchronization we also added Razer Chroma™ RGB support.

Extra Smooth

Sound is a crucial aspect of every mechanical keyboard, and Everest goes the extra mile to achieve superiority. Featuring genuine Cherry stabilizers with tight tolerances, factory-tuned with Glaze™ GPL 205 Grade 0. Everest’s stabilizers do away with rattle and noise, placing them in a league of their own.

Meet Me Just Right

Everest’s unique patent-pending riser feet design enables a secure and sturdy stand that goes beyond the capabilities of flimsy plastic solutions. In addition, a set of spacers allows you to find the perfect height so that Everest will always meet you at the perfect angle.


Color Gunmetal Gray / Midnight Black
Switch socket 3-Pin Cherry MX compatible
Switch Stabilizer Cherry (plate-mounted, lubricated)
Layout Standard ANSI
Backlight RGB
Key Rollover NKRO over USB
Polling Rate 1000Hz / 1ms
MCU Cortex M0
Onboard memory Up to 5 profiles
On-the-Fly System Though FN Function Key
Connector USB Type-C
Interface USB 3.2 Gen 1
Cable length 2m
Product Dimensions 154x366x25mm (LxWxH)
Product Weight 892g
Materials Aluminum, ABS
Software Support Base Camp (Windows only)
Warranty 2 years
Included Accessories Keycap & Switch combo removal tool
USB Type-A to C cable (2m)
Riser feet





Your Everest is supported by our Base Camp software, designed and developed from the ground up to equip you with all the tools you need for your ascension. Base Camp’s primary design goal was balancing ease of use and flexibility, enabling you to set up your Everest keyboard precisely the way you want it, without being in your way.

Base Camp includes:

  • Macro wizard and editor
  • Custom key bindings
  • Wide range of RGB features
  • Software and Firmware Updater
  • Razer Chroma™ RGB support


Bling Up Your Everest core Barebone With A Beautiful Artisan Keycap

The MOUNTAIN resin keycaps contain a small mountain range in an OEM profile. Available in white, blue and red they are handmade of wood and resin, and allow for a bit of RGB to shine through.

Equip Your Everest Core Barebone With A Mountain Switch Pack

No matter if you prefer your switches to be linear, tactile or clicky, MOUNTAIN has carefully selected a wide range of compatible switches from popular manufacturers such as Cherry or Kailh, ideal for use with Everest. Bundle Everest Core Barebone with the switch pack you crave.


Searching for the bliss of silence or a quick and easy way to dampen excess noise? Keyboard warriors look no further and pair your keyboard with O-Rings. Easily installed and they will make light work of audible frustrations caused by your keycaps.