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Let your keyboard shine with pudding-style Snow Keycaps! Designed to kick your RGB performance into the highest gear, these keycaps feature translucent side walls to enable greater and even light distribution.

Made of durable PBT plastic that will never wear or become glossy and ever-lasting Double-Shot legends, Snow Keycaps are guaranteed to provide an exceptional RGB experience for years to come.

MOUNTAIN Snow Keycpas are compatible with Everest, Everest 60, and all mechanical keyboards using Cherry-style cross stem mechanical switches.


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With pudding-style translucent side walls, your keyboard’s RGB performance is about to get supercharged.

Allowing for more light to pass through and ensuring an even distribution, Snow Keycaps are going to set your desk on fire. Or ice. Or whatever choice of colors you prefer.

PBT Plastic

Unrivaled in toughness and durability. PBT plastic is the last word in keycap material.

Unlike ABS plastic, PBT doesn’t develop shine, gloss or wear and will retain its look and feel for many, many years.


Molded into the keycap via Double-Shot injection molding, the legends of Snow Keycaps are part of the keycap and hence near indestructible. They will not fade or wear off.

Their translucent material ensures a fantastic RGB performance.


Snow Keycaps are a perfect match for Everest and Everest 60 keyboards – and most other mechanical keyboards, too!

Using the standard Cherry-style cross-stem mounting, Snow Keycaps are compatible with all keyboards using Cherry MX-style switches.

Snow Keycaps come in sets of 113 keycaps, including 104 for standard ANSI layouts, non-regional specific ISO addons, and addons for 60% keyboards.


Do you have a stylish white or sleek black gaming setup?

No matter your preference, Snow Keycaps are available in either black or white to literally cap off your RGB experience.


Material PBT
Legends Double-Shot
Side Walls Translucent
Colors Black or White
Number of keycaps 113 (104 ANSI + ISO addons + 60% addons)
Compatibility Everest, Everest 60, other keyboards with Cherry MX-style switches


Great with



Everest Max redefines mechanical keyboards with modularity and customization unlike any other. The Numpad can be attached to either the right or the left side of your Everest Keyboard, while the Media Dock enjoys its view from the top of the world on the left or right top side, and the magnetic Palm Rest sees you through longer sessions offering extra cushioning comfort.



Featuring patent-pending designs, Everest 60 was created from the ground up to enable peak performance.
When it comes to absolute mechanical keyboard bliss Everest 60 makes no compromises; featuring factory lubed MOUNTAIN switches, genuine lubed Cherry stabilizers, and sound dampening consisting of multiple layers of foam and silicone.