Beautify your Display Keys with vivre-motion icon packs

With the recent release of DisplayPad, the software-enabled streaming and content creation controller, our portfolio of equipment with Display Keys keeps growing. The key differentiator versus traditional macro setups is the freedom of choice to use any icon, symbol or text of your liking to always stay on top of your current key binding loadout.

Base Camp™ comes with a plethora of icons for you to use with your DisplayPad or Everest Numpad, however, you’re more than welcome to use any other graphics or even create your own. If that’s not your thing, though, and prefer picking from a selection of ready-made high quality icons, we have a suggestions for you!

Our good friends at VIVRE-MOTION are experts in crafting premium icon sets for streaming and content creation controllers such as DisplayPad and are optimized for its displays’ resolution. They offer a fine selection of packs, suited for every use case.

They’re currently running a sale, enabling you to save 30% during Black Week. Use code “BLACKWEEK30” before November 28 ends!

Creating your loadouts for CS:GO is a breeze with the Ultimate Icon Box. Containing more than 1,500,000 icons, including animated GIFs, it will scratch all your itches.

Making quick work of heavy duties is easy with the right tools. The Windows 11 System Office Icons pack contains over 500,000 icons based on the Windows 11 Fluent System Font for office champions.

Controlling your appliances from the comfort of your desk is easy enough, how about making it stylish as well? The Smart Home pack with over 40,000 icons ensures you won’t accidently launch the Roomba instead of preparing a coffee.