Changing the game: How modular numpads enable peak performance


Are numpads just a mundane arrangement of numbers? Often underutilized and sometimes in the way, there is a lot of untapped potential that we seek to extract by making our numpads modular. Just how does that benefit you?


On any regular full-size keyboard, the numpad portion is a fixed part on the right side. If you’re among the 90% of humans that are right-handed, you may find that the numpad is very much getting in the way of your mouse movement when gaming. You can, of course, space keyboard and mouse out further. The increased distance between the two input devices would cause unnecessary strain on your muscles and ligaments, though. 

In addition, the numpad is too far away from the left hand to be within easy reach and most games won’t allow your right hand to spend time away from the mouse, effectively rendering the numpad mostly useless. 

Placing the numpad on the left side of the keyboard solves all these problems. It gives your mouse ample room to maneuver while making the numpad a useful set of extra keys in direct vicinity of your left hand.


The kicker: Everest Numpad* and Everest 60 Numpad* can’t just be connected directly to either side of their parent keyboards, using an extension cable, they can be placed pretty much wherever you want on your desk. A sophisticated slider mechanism underneath our numpads makes it easy to switch the connector to either side, rendering switching sides a toolless and effortless affair.

Content creators, too, greatly benefit from what the Everest family and its modular numpads have to offer. In combination with the Everest 60 Numpad, Everest 60 offers an incredible number of keys for such a small form factor, making it a great fit for a sleek editing setup without having to give up on hotkey or macro functionality for DaVinci Resolve or Adobe programs.

Gamers will find great use in what essentially becomes an elaborate macro or hotkey ensemble in the immediate vicinity of the WASD area. Gear loadouts, army groups, additional skills? All just a few inches away.

Everest Max’ numpad goes the extra mile with its 4 display keys that aren’t just freely customizable in function but also in design. A number of premade icons or any static image of your choosing guarantee you will stay on top of your custom key bindings. Up to 5 profiles make for a total of 20 different functions on the display keys alone.


*Please note: Everest 60 Numpad is compatible only with Everest 60. Everest Numpad is compatible only with Everest.