MOUNTAIN creates innovative, premium peripherals with a user-centric design that enables gamers to perform at their best. Our vision is for gamers to have what they need to perform, through uncompromising innovation, pioneering design, supreme quality, and customization.
“Reach Your Summit” is the mantra of MOUNTAIN.

Our vision is for all Gamers to have the tools they need to perform at the top of their game.

Much like climbing a Mountain, gaming takes you on a journey that can be fun, challenging and exciting. Some may seek the thrill of climbing the most challenging slopes, while others are perfectly happy with a hike up an easily approachable mountainside. It doesn’t matter what games we play; the ascension creates the experiences and memories that we love to share, our way to the top of the Mountain.

Some of us are old school gamers, others are youngsters on the bleeding edge of the gaming industry. From Quakeworld on PC and Samurai Shodown on the Neo Geo to CS:GO and Anno 1800, we’ve played them all. We think that, like the ever-evolving PC hardware industry, competitive and recreational gaming is as much about the journey as it is about the destination.


These are the pillars of the MOUNTAIN design mission and what we focused on from the very beginning which is why it is built into our logo itself.​​

We are going to push the boundaries in terms of material, modularity and personalization.

Immerse in Gaming​

We’re gamers ourselves, so we set out to create a product to be proud of, one that would replace and improve upon, our own peripherals of choice. We’re building Everest because we want a keyboard that does it all. If you want high-performance, you’re typically locked into a specific design. If you want something that’s customizable, you often have to make concessions on build quality and gaming performance. ​ ​

So, we’re creating Everest to focus on three core components:

“Best” Means Different Things to Different People​

​Creating the ‘best’ of anything can be tricky, because it means different things to different people.

​We talk a lot about peak performance, but what does that mean? What’s the perfect feel? Weight? Material? Lighting? Even within the MOUNTAIN team there’s a wide range of personal preferences.

​Modularity, therefore, is at the absolute heart of Everest. It’s what allows you to build a tailor-made keyboard that helps maximize your performance while also being able to express your own style; with the options available, no two Everest’s will be identical.

Built from the ground up​

Every single component has been hand-selected and built from the ground up to allow for the best of both worlds: high-end gaming performance and unparalleled customization.

​​We started off by making sure that every Everest accessory uses USB-C to allow for simple and seamless connectivity. To ensure a stable and tight fit, we added magnets for all accessories and for the numpad we reinforced it with metal rods for a sturdy feel.

With two plates milled from a block of the finest aluminium, the Everest is incredibly durable. Each Everest keyboard has been created with the finest craftmanship. The premium double plated frame, wrapped up in a 360 degree lightbar, and topped of with a clean aluminium finish, creates a stunning aesthetic.

Gaming as a lifestyle​

​We believe gaming is as a lifestyle, that demands the utmost flexibility in order to achieve ultimate satisfaction for each and every gamer.

​As much as our common denominator gaming unites us, we have a variety of tastes and preferences with input devices. We sat down and looked at the market of gaming keyboards. A lot of good, even great products can be found but we felt they’re all too compromising and too standardized.

​It was this very moment, that we sat down with a blank piece of paper and started sketching out ideas for a gaming keyboard that knows no compromise.