DisplayPad/MacroPad FAQ

Is an Everest keyboard required to use DisplayPad or MacroPad?
No, both DisplayPad and MacroPad can be used without an Everest keyboard. A mounting stand is included with every DisplayPad and MacroPad.
Can I connect DisplayPad or MacroPad to one of the USB Type-C connectors on my Everest keyboard?
No, both DisplayPad and MacroPad require a connection directly to your PC or Notebook.
My DisplayPad or MacroPad isn’t recognized. What can I do to fix this?
Please make sure your DisplayPad or MacroPad is connected directly to your PC or Notebook using a USB 3.X port and install the latest version of Base Camp™ from https://mountain.gg/base-camp/. If you still encounter issues, please contact us via help@mountain.gg
Do I need to run Base Camp™ to use my DisplayPad or MacroPad?

DisplayPad relies on Base Camp™ running in the background. MacroPad does not require it and can be used without after it has been configured.

Can I use DisplayPad or MacroPad with Linux or macOS?
No, both DisplayPad and MacroPad require Base Camp™, which is available for Windows 10/11 only.
My DisplayPad or MacroPad doesn’t sit properly on my Everest keyboard. What gives?
Please make sure the notch around the USB Type-C port on your Everest aligns with the cutout near the bottom sticker of your DisplayPad or MacroPad when mounting it.

Can I export my Everest profile for use with DisplayPad or MacroPad, or vice versa?

No, hardware differences make it impossible to share profiles between DisplayPads or MacroPads and Everest.

Do DisplayPad and MacroPad have onboard storage for my profiles and configurations?

DisplayPad does not have onboard storage and relies on Base Camp™ to work. When you uninstall Base Camp™, reinstall Windows, or switch to a different PC or notebook, please make sure to export your profile before doing so in order to avoid losing your profiles and configurations.

MacroPad does have onboard storage for up to 5 profiles.