Glacier provides a soft gaming-optimized surface for your mouse while the anti-slip rubber base ensures a secure placement even in the most heated of battles. A water-repellent coating won’t let small accidents get in your way, and the stitched edges not only increase your comfort but also dramatically increase the lifespan compared to other soft pads.

Nunatak FAQ

Aren't cloth pads prone to frayed edges?

Some are! Not Nunatak though, which has stitched edges to increase longevity and increase comfort.

What are the best practices for cleaning Nunatak?

Nunatak features a water-repellent surface coating, protecting it from most minor accidents. If boo-boo happens and Nunatak needs a good cleaning, we recommend hand-washing it with mild dish soap and a soft brush to remove stains. Rinse the pad and let it dry on a clean towel.

What is Nunatak made of and is it environmentally friendly?

Nunatak is mostly made of polyester, which is completely recyclable at the end of its life, and natural rubber, which can be recycled, but more often gets refurbished. This gives the material a second life for a variety of applications and doesn’t end up on a landfill.

Which size is right for me?

Nunatak can be had in M (250x260mm) and XL (900x400mm). M is shaped like a classic mouse pad while XL can be categorized as a desk pad, allowing for not only your mouse but also your keyboard to rest on it. The choice is yours!