Ocean plastic is a global crisis, with the equivalent of one dump truck load every minute entering the world’s oceans, mainly from Asian countries.¹ At the same time, many communities affected by plastic pollution face high levels of poverty.

Something that’s close to our hearts is our carbon footprint, so minimizing the environmental impact of the production and distribution of each Everest played a large part in our design philosophy.

Durable Design

We’ve carefully selected all materials that make our product. Two aluminum faceplates ensure a rigid and durable while the modular design features an open USB Type-C standard. Cherry MX mechanical switches are rated for 100 million clicks and good for years upon years of use. When or if a switch fails, it can be easily replaced, thanks to the hot swappable design. Everest’s highly modular design makes it easy to switch and swap individual parts, rather than having to replace the complete keyboard. We know that lesser quality products break more often, requiring more replacements to be produced, more plastic wrapping to ship out those replacements, and more wastage when faulty parts are eventually disposed of. Needless to say, that’s not exactly ideal for you either.

Recycling and Recyclability

We’ve avoided using plastic materials as much as possible in our packaging, however, the plastic we use will be recyclable. While we can’t go without packaging entirely, we envision a storage solution that you can use to store accessories, bits or pieces after you removed your new favorite keyboard from it. This is to give it a second life as useful object on your shelf, rather than going to waste.

Social Responsibility

We’ve avoided using plastic materials as much as possible in our packaging, however, the plastic we use will be recyclable. In addition, Mountain has committed to supporting Plastic Banks Impact Guarantee Program.

Plastic Bank is a platform for the world to gather together to STOP Ocean plastic and alleviate poverty through a global recycling ecosystem. They act as a convenience store for the world’s poor that accepts plastic waste as a currency. This recycling ecosystem is sustained through the sale and use of Social Plastic® by some of the world’s largest organizations. In addition to using their recycled Social Plastic®, both individuals and companies have the ability to offset their own plastic footprint. This is how they unite the world to reduce global poverty while making plastic too valuable to enter our oceans.

Plastic Bank has realized that the only way to stop Ocean plastic is to reveal the value in plastic by transferring as much of this value into the hands of the collectors. Social Plastic® is Plastic Bank Verified plastic that provides a premium for the collector. The premiums are called Plastic Bank Rewards.

Plastic Bank aims to provide large scale sustainable premiums in every recycling community around the world. This is how we all can stop Ocean plastic. The more premiums that come from corporate purchases of Social Plastic® and/or off-set incentives the faster new regions can become eligible to receive Plastic Bank Rewards.

By purchasing our Mountain products, you will support extracting 25,000 kg of plastic from the environment in 2020 with Mountain & Plastic Bank. Be part to empowering the world to stop Ocean Plastic.

More about Plastic Bank projects can be found at www.plasticbank.com.

“¹ World Economic Forum, Ellen MacArthur Foundation and McKinsey & Company, The New Plastics Economy — Rethinking the future of plastics (2016, http://www.ellenmacarthurfoundation.org/publications).”