Using The Media Dock

To activate the Display Dial, simply turn it to open the menu. Rotate the dial to navigate to the feature you wish to use, then press <o> once to enter the submenu.

In submenus, you can:
• Rotate the dial to the right to move to the next option
• Rotate the dial to the left to move to the previous option
• Press <o> to execute or apply the currently highlighted option
Press <o> twice in short succession to exit the submenu and return to the main menu.

The Display Dial will return to the screensaver image after 30 seconds of inactivity on the main menu. Base Camp allows for changing the image, timeout or turning the display off entirely.

The Media Dock includes the following media control buttons:

⏮️: Previous track
⏭️: Next track
⏯️: Play/Pause
?: Mute audio